ClickBank Breaks The Internet Review – The Biggest Online Shake-up 2023

ClickBank Breaks The Internet is the biggest online marketing event in the world, and you need to be a part of it.

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Why ClickBank Breaks The Internet?

If you did internet or affiliate marketing in the last 10 years you most likely heard of Clickbank. It's only the biggest digital marketplace in the world. However, it's about to get that much bigger with their Break the Internet launch.

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Breaks The Internet

What does it mean to break the internet? Simply saying it means to have a such an impact that the internet will get overloaded and stop functioning. However, what does it have to do with clickbank?

Simple, Clickbank is the biggest, oldest and must trusted digital marketplace online. In fact, if you look at any guru online today he must likely started with Clickbank, Why? It's the only marketplace that accepts new affiliates and yet kept quality check like no other.

I mean if you ever did affiliate marketing you know it's not easy to trust the vendors. Despite being a popular affiliate for many years I still get cheated and backdoored on regular basis. That's the beauty of affiliate marketing.

However that has never been the case with Clickbank, ever. These guys pay out usually even before the money back guarantee is over. I'm talking about getting commission before even refund period is over, that's unheard of.

What is ClickBank Breaks The Internet?

That's a good question because no one really knows. I mean, we know that it means that Clickbank is going to make such an impact that it will break the net out of billions of homes.

Just imagine creating a blog or website that you actually care about without going insane and making money  in the process. That's right clickbank has the power to create you income from pretty any niche online. We're talking marketing, education, know how, lose weight and anything from woodwork to chicken coop.

You see, there is a reason why so many people, including the biggest gurus in the world are making money with clickbank.

  • It's easy to get started with
  • no complicated sign up
  • get links and hop links in minutes
  • access to over 4,000 products to promote
  • only get promote products you want, no mistakes

All, of this is great but how does ClickBank Breaks The Internet fit in all of this? Can I just go to Clickbank and pick and offer now?

Smashing Through The Roadblocks

Yes, it's that simple, or is it? You see, I can tell you just go pick an offer on clickbank, send some traffic and make commissions. Boom, done! That's what gurus always say.

However, that's like saying here's a car, some gas and go drive to New York to someone with no driving experience. I mean after all, you just press a pedal and steer, right? 

Now, the person might get into the car, start it if saw anyone else do it, maybe even drive a little, but do you really believe they will drive is successfully to New York without any help or even a map?

That's the problem with simple advice of go pick an offer, drive traffic and make sales.

With that said, it doesn't mean you can't do it, or better yet learn. All you really need is some lessons, own experience and a guide or map, in both cases.

This is what ClickBank Breaks The Internet is all about. Your number one resource to $1,000 per month, week or even day, with a laid out plan and all the tools you need.

Making Money On Clickbank Step by Step

I want to go over the 3 steps now with the addition how ClickBank Breaks The Internet differs.

Step One: Pick an Offer

The classic, go and pick an offer, any offer. Different marketers approach this with differently. Here are some example:

  • Pick something you're passionate about
    • Decent advice as you should focus on something you are interested in at least, but not the best. If you're doing affiliate marketing just for money than you can go after lucrative niches right away and build a long passionate business in the spare time.
  • Pick most lucrative niches
    • Same as the above, solid advice but you might find yourself overwhelmed or promoting something you end up hating. Still, affiliate marketing is flexible so starting with something that makes money is a good idea.

Above is my advice, and while writing about woodwork if you don't even know that wood comes from trees is not the best idea. However, in niches like wealth, health and relationships all of us have at least some experience.

As you maybe know, Clickbank is full of $27, $37, $47 and so on eBook or training courses. These are great, but in recent years online marketing has been moving toward high-ticket and Clickbank is taking charge.

That's why with “break the internet” they are focusing on $1000 sales or more.

Send Traffic

Traffic, the lifeline of any online business. I mostly focus on organic and social media traffic (both paid and free) but Clickbank has a simpel approach to it. Put in less than you take out.


Making it rain commissions

This one is quite simple, if you offer is solid, traffic is targeted, and you connect both of them with ad/brudge or some page than you're in the green.

Clickbank Breaks the internet shows you how to do all of this and than some.

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