Jeff Brown’s Click for Crypto Review – Next Ethereum?

So, what is Click for Crypto, Jeff Brown's first ever crypto event, hosted by Chris Hurt?

Did you hear about the World IPO Day? You need to see it.

Did you hear about Dan Hollings' The Plan and the cost of the course to be $3500?

Considering at the time the event has not happened yet the information online is scarce. This is why it's important to not trust people that claim they know what the next Ether is or any of Jeff Brown's recommendations.

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Click for Crypto with Jeff Brown

Once the Click for Crypto event goes live I'll prepare a full review and my take on it. However, let's talk about what we know now:

  • It's all happening on Wednesday, August 25th
  • It's first Jeff Brown cryptocurrency event
  • Jeff will talk about the next Ethereum (launch)
  • VIP will be texted the  name
  • Q&A Session with Jeff Brown
  • Chance to win free gift

As you can see this event is shaping up to be one of the biggest of the year. Jeff Brown seems really excited about the next Ethereum and can't wait to share it with his audience.

However, will it be as good as it sounds?

First of all, Ether is without a doubt one of my favorite cryptocurrency since the begging. This is mostly due to the fact that creators' goals with  Ethereum aligns closely with mine.

Now, the inventor of Ether is launching a new crypto project for the first time in 7 years and I'm once again excited. The cryptocurrency market has matured over the 7 years since ETH was launched. Despite of that it's still the crypto of choice for most developers. But, what does the next chapter bring?

If ETH success is any indication we are about to witness history with what could possibly be the biggest crypto move in the world. Let's not forget Ethereum did go from $0.31 to over $3k in just few years.

That means turning an $100 investment to a cool $1 million. A $1,000 to $10 millions and $10,000 to $100 million.  You get the point?

If the new project does just a fraction of that, even 1/10, which is very low estimate, lowest in fact in my opinion, you can still end up a millionaire with a $1,000 investment.

That's why I'm excited to see Jeff Brown's take on this with the Click for Crypto event. I can safety say he is one of my favorite investing guru.

Who is Jeff Brown?

Some people think he's a madman while others call him a genius. If he made you so much money as he does to his subscribers you know which one it would be.

  1. On the Russell 1,000, Jeff Brown selected the top 2 small-caps (odds of that are 1 in 500 million)
  2. He’s a 2 times picker of the number 1 stock on the S&P 500
  3. 121 out of 130 private deals he made are up as much as 4300%
  4. Yale is about to engrave Jeff Brown’s name on their Founders Wall
  5. On top of that, he has either training or degrees from top universities like Purdue, Stanford, MIT, and London Business School

Surprising, Jeff Brown doesn't consider any of these as his top achievement. He's most proud of quitting the corporate world, spending more time with the family and helping people like you and me make smarter investing choices if we want.

So, while Jeff Brown nor me give out personal investing advice, and none of this should be taken as so, it's a waste to not listen to this man.

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