Write Blog Comments Like A Boss in 4 Painless Ways

So, you want to write amazing blog comments but just don’t know where to start? It’s a true craft that combines art and science in such a way that will blow your mind. In 4 ways you will learn it all. Now, this post is not about buying blog comments or using it as an … Read more

What is Google Search Console and How to Use it in 2019?

Back in 2012, I remember being told by multiple SEO experts to stay away from Webmasters Google Search Console. Their argument? Google will know everything about your site. Well, that’s kind of the point in 2019, isn’t it? The truth is that Google Search Console (AKA Google Webmasters) is pretty darn useful, especially if you … Read more

Anna’s Guide To Starting An Affiliate Marketing Blog in 2019

How to you summarize 7 years of affiliate marketing blogging in one article? At this point, I don’t know, but I’m up for the challenge. However, before we start affiliate marketing talk, let’s learn what it is. So, What is Affiliate Marketing Anyway? Simple Answer: Promote other people stuff for a percentage of the sale … Read more

Who Is Anik Singal?

I first heard about Anik Singal back in 2012 or so. At the time I was just starting online and looking for good mentors to learn from. Unfortunately, at that time I was always easy persuaded by promises of super cars, 10,000 sq ft mentions and never unlimited checking account. So I quickly lost track … Read more