Builderall Review – Why it’s My Favorite in 2022?

Want to know more about Builderall? So, do I and that's why I'm doing this challenge. Wait. What? Yes, this review is a test, or rather a challenge for me. I'm not a part of it right now, but let me explain.

The creator of Commission Hero Robby Blanchard is the best.

You see, after readings reviews, watching videos and studying the website I do believe Builder all could be one of the best systems as well as money-making opportunity in 2022.  Just look at all the features it has to offer. So why is this not a real review?

A proper review for a system of this size will take me, at last, a week of solid work and I need to use it for a least a month to try all the features. That's why I decided to post this overview now and see if anyone would be interested in joining my team.  Let's see how well I can rank this in as little time as possible.

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What Is Buiderall?

It's one of the complete business suites I have encountered. If you think Clickfunnels or even MML programs had a lot, think again.  Here are just some of the things you'll be able to do with it.

  • Online Course Builder
  • Social/Conversion Proof App
  • Share locked App
  • E-commerce/Shop Builder
  • Sales Funnel Builder
  • Script Generator
  • Browser Notifications Tool
  • Facebook Integration Apps
  • Photo Studio
  • Post Scheduler
  • Blog Builder
  • Floating Video Creator
  • Unlimited Website Hosting
  • On Page SEO Tool
  • Presentation Builder
  • Design Studio
  • Click/Heat Map
  • Script Generator
  • iPhone, Android & Amazon App Builder
  • Reviews/Comments Tool
  • Drag & Drop Website Builder

Now in my official review, I'll go over each one in detailed but just look at the functions.

However, these might not mean to much to you if you're just starting out. Let me just make it clear. Builderall offers everything you need to create a website and start making money online in one place. Now I don't know only me a website and hosting, which is often more expensive than this. No, I'm talking about everything from heatmaps to email lists to mobile apps.  I've been making full money time online for over 6 years, and I've never seen anything like this before.

Why You Need Builderall?

Or, rather why I need it? You see, when I started online back in 2012 in many ways it was a lot easier. In fact, if you go back to pre-2010, it was even easier to get started. Many marketers will argue with me on this one stating that before we didn't have the tools, we have now. Which is true, but that's exactly the reason why it's so hard to get started today on a budget.

Don't get me wrong; you can put up a website and work at it to make money in 2022. In fact, you can do it with a free blog, yes it is possible, but I don't recommend it.

However, many of today's strategies, especially for scaling require you to do more. So, on the one ,hand we have more tools that get the job done, in results more opportunities. On the other hand, it's harder to get started without such tools, so those opportunities are wasted on us.

What's even worse is learning every tool out here that could potentially make or break your business. Okay, maybe I'm getting too dramatic, but the sellers of these tools are ways taping into your FOMO (fear of missing out).

Just think about all those sale letters, ads or webinars. How many times did you a phrase like “it's a most if you want to make money this year” or something similar?

But, am I doing the same thing? Well, I don't even promote Builderall yet, but that doesn't change the fact I'm already a fan. If I actually get it and see it's not like that at all, I'll let you know. That's why you will not find an affiliate link in this post as of now.

Why do I like it already? Do you know all those tools? I've spent thousands of dollars on those in the past 6 years and half of them I still don't use or don't know how to use. Even for an experienced marketer, it's overwhelming and worse of all not practical. It's confusing and a waste of time touse 7 different tools and apps just to post a blog.

In fact, I think it is the biggest reason why people can seem to get started online in the last few years. There is just too much to do at the start, and you feel like it has to be perfect. On top of the $$, you need to spend.

Actually, in one of FB SEO/affiliate groups, I'm a part of I noticed an interesting post. The post featured a young person's journey to earning around $700 per month within a year or so.  Which is great and everyone was cheering him on inside it. However, there is one problem. He spent $7,000 alone and who knows how many courses, systems and mere hours he had to spend before starting a website like that.

What if I told you that you could do the same in half of the time and with only $50 per month for Builder all and your time? Now if you would prefer you can outsource things and exchange money for your time, but you get my drift? That means it could cost you $300 in 6 months to get to $700 or more per month.

Now this is not a guarantee and it will depend on your work ethics, but I'm just showing you what's possible. I've done it and so can you with my help and builderall.

Come Join My Builderall Business Team!

Hey, you don't have a team! Just run with it, I will if I have enough people that want to join. He truth is that I've been looking for an opportunity to build out my own team and help people to make money online using websites, blogs, and SEO for years now. However, there was never a platform for it that worked.

Between my businesses and my family, I don't have time to build out big membership sites and created content for a $2,000 product. I don't even want to do that as want to help people that are interested in creating wealth out of nothing and not taking $2,000 from them and another $5,000 in affiliate commissions from sponsors.

That's why I never did MLM, to be honest. Is builderall an MLM (multi-level marketing)? No, you see the difference is that builder has a 2 tier payment plan. Which is quite popular in affiliate marketing as it encourages people that promote it to recruit other promoters. Basically, if you join my team, I'll get 30% of all of your sales except for the first one.

That sounds like MLM! Well, I'm not an expert on MLM, and there are/were some good ones out there, but it's a lot different. The main thing is as the name implies, multi-level marketing, has more tiers than just 2, so you get paid based on a pyramid. Also another big different that MLM offer different level you have to by in to get the benefits. I always hated that.

For example, a basic entry point can be a $100 per month, and you get 100% commission or something for every person that joins, however, for you to get commissions on other more expensive product in the funnel you need to have them yourself. Now, these could range from a few hundred bucks to thousands of bucks. So it creates a vicious cycle of trying to recruit people and fear of missing out on the high-ticket sales if you don't get it.

With Builderall you the main package I recommend is the $49.90 per month one, and that's it. No need to spend thousands.

Builderall Pricing and Plans

So, there are only 3 plans and here are quick overviews of them.

  1. Web Presence $9.90 per month – this is only website plan and okay to get started with if you just need a website.
  2. Digital Marketing $29.90 per month – this one, on the other hand, is a more developed and good solution for a business.
  3. Business Builder $49.90 per month – this one is the bad boy I'm getting if I decide to go ahead with it. It has everything you need to grow your business and make money as an affiliate of builderall.

So what am I waiting for? As I said, I'm pretty busy with my own businesses and family, so I don't start things. However, this might just be too good to pass on.

With that said, let me know in the comments below if you're interested in builderall and joining my team!

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2 thoughts on “Builderall Review – Why it’s My Favorite in 2022?”

  1. I’m totally decided on joining BA and just looking for the right sponsor with whom we click and can work together effectively.
    I can see myself developing and working on a number of the many business models that BA enables. My vision is to follow my passions and interests and gradually build multiple streams of residual/passive income.
    I like your work, your style/approach to online entrepreneurship, and your vibe in general 🙂
    I’m thrilled to have found you as I feel resonance with your work; what you do, this is how I want to start with BA – I want to start my blog (once and for all) and work on affiliate marketing.
    I really hope to hear back from you soon.
    Best wishes,

    Brian Dott

    • Hey Brian!

      I totally get you. I’ve been playing around with BA for a few months now (need update this review with the info I’ve learned) and it’s one of the best platforms to get started with. I still use WordPress for SEO heavy blogs but I’m incorporating Builderall list building, funnel creations and other BA resources more and more to go along with my blogs.

      With that said I’m also working on something big that I would share with people that join BA under me. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll email you the details!

      All the best,


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