Bitsgap Review: Best Crypto Platform-Trading Bot on The Market?

If it wasn't for Bitsgap bot, I would probably go broke again because of this cryptocurrency market. Like I did in 2017, or would I?

Let's talk about this automated crypto trading.

What is Bitsgap Anyway?

Bitsgap is an all-in-one online cryptocurrency system that let's you access, manage, trade, and auto trade cryptos. It's easily connected with most of the major exchanges which allows a secure and fast access to your entire portfolio.

However, Bitsgap never actually holds any of your cryptocurrencies just tracks it, and does not manage withdrawals. All the trades are happening on the exchange of your choosing, with Bitsgap just being the arbitrage.

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To summerize, Bitsgap is an awesome platform that I never ahd any issues with in the year I've been using it. even has a 4.5 out of 5 score on TrustPilot with 478 reviews and 4.7 on Google.

There are only few negative reviews and most of them complain about non-important features or that they lost money.

Wait?! What?! You mean you can lose money with Bitsgap?

How to Not Lose Money With Bitsgap Bot

Okay, so, if you didn't know that already, yes, you can lose money with Bitsgap platform. It's platform that uses crypto trading bots, and if you set them up wrong, or use wrong trading pairs, there is potential to lose some of the money.

In fact, go crazy and choose a trading pair that will tank, you could lose all your funds. It's like with every other investment.

However, it will not be Bitsgap fault. In fact, it has many safety features that even protect you from fast drops or rallies. And the only way you lose all your funds is if the trading pair goes to 0. But, once again it's a tool that you set up how it should work.

You are the master that holds the key to success.

So, what do you do to not lose funds? Or better yet, make boat loads of money with cryptos? Meet Dan Hollings and his Plan.

Dan Hollings Settings for a Winning Crypto Bot

You should check out my full review why Dan Hollings' The Plan Rocks  if you are considering using as his system revolves around it and it's about to be open.

However, to summarize it, Dan Hollings has been successfully using Bitgaps to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars per year with cryptos. About 2 years ago he shared it with a group of beta testers and all of them made money as well.

Finally, not so long ago he released it to the public and now thousands of people in over 2000 countries are using his insight and settings to make inconstant profits with, including me.

In fact, there is still no report I could find that details loses with The Plan and I personally helped dozens of people join it as well.

With that out of the way, check out my review or The Plan right here.

Review | Inside Story

bitsgapLet's dive deeper into Bitsgap and how it works. Like I said before, it's a bot trading platform that uses your skills and knowledge (or Dan Hollings') about grid bots to make money.

Opening an Account with Bits Gap

If you planning on joining Dan's Plan I wouldn't sign up for the Bitsgap account until you join. He offers some perks that are worth the wait.

The awesome thing is that Bitsgap offers free trial. You can try risk free. In fact, also offers a demo account. With demo mode means you can test Bitsgap's software without any fees and not use any cryptos to see what is possible.

I think that's the best way to experience The Plan's trading strategies for beginners without any risk and learn automated trading strategy of Bitsgap.

You get all the instructions inside the learning accounts.

Crypto Arbitrage Trading

The interface of bitsgap is really easy to follow and like I said before it combines all the exchanges you want API key. Again, it doesn't actually control the cryptos.

Why would you want to use it for orders, trades and auto trading? It's more confident and fun to have a customized and interactive interface for all your trading.

In fact, Bitsgap has started to include completion of games, badges and rewards.  Set your goals, track your progress and ad improvement to areas you are lacking.

You can do this as an individual or parts of Plan's students with Dan's recommendations. Which meets all my needs.

So, as traders or users you can place an order, based on a range of assets inside all markets. The feature advantage of tools like the one inside Plans is the benefit of crypto options and positions.

The service also features platforms both in the US and Europe, as well Asia. All cryptocurrency exchanges.

Basically, there are not many top companies that offer trading tool, information, data, performance, customer service as well as customer support and arbitrage opportunities for users with this good pricing and API keys.

How do You Make Money With Trading Orders?

There are order types of trades you nromally find like limit orders, market orders , stop-loss, and it even features market conditions that show price difference, price movements, base currency and much more trading tools.

All the information  about the balance, encryption is all avaiable to the user. Uoi have an option  as well as options for futures. And remember all of thsi can be done with demo trading as well.

Now, it goes without saying that you also see account balance, trading signals, all the currencies, and trading bot platforms in one idea setting.

You can joimn crypto traders with your investments and crypto assets or assetminutes from now,.

Listen, despite how awesome this version of Bitsgap is and the power to earn you a full time income is a legit as it comes, you still have to be careful.

At the end of the day Bitsgap is still just a tool, a great grid trading bot, but like any tool, it can either help you get the job done or mess you up.

Just think if I handed you a sledge hammer or even an impact drill, would you do a good job?

I mean don't get me wrong, most people know what a sledge hammer and a drill is, and many would know how to use it. However, how good would you be with it?

Can you personally do a accurate job with a sledge hammer? How about using an impact drill to make a prevision hole in a concrete?

These are not as easy as they sound, and while most of us know about it and maybe even used the both tool, their answer will be subjective. The truth is you can do a lot more damage with these than good.

So, while I don't want to say Bitsgap is the same, but if used incorrectly it can punish you like no other. That's why I'm glad I got started with it thanks to a guy that both lost and made millions of dollars with it and cryptos.

Dan Hollings Bitsgap Story

Like I previously mentioned, the Bitsgaps bot was introduced to me by no one other than a Dan Hollings, a bit of a bitsgap and cryptocurrency trading genius if you ask me and I'm glad.

You see, I'm one of these people that are way hyper when I see a new opportunity, especially when it comes to cryptocurrencies. Which is a both good and bad quality if you as me. Thanks to it I've made a bunch of money because I would jump on every decent opportunity to make money I would get my hands on.

However, this also meant I lost a bunch of money because I would jump on so many opportunities. It's a double edge sword, but you're lucky enough to find this review and not make the same mistakes.

What I'm trying to say is that I would have probably lost a good portion of my cryptos and maybe even fiat if I didn't get Dan Hollings guidance.

My Crypto Trading Exprience and How I Lost

It's hard to believe I've got into cryptos around the same time as Dan, in 2017. The difference between us is that he's a crypto millionaire and I'm slowly getting there in 2021 and hope to be one by 2024.

So, what's the main difference? Simple, Dan Hollings had a plan and I didn't. That doesn't mean he didn't lose money along the way, I did as well, or that he had his ups and downs, I did as well. No, unlike me he learned from every up and down and formed a strategy to make money along the way.

It's easy to be right in the bull market, like we experienced at the end of 2017 or even now. Just pick 5 good performing coins and you'll hit at least one that will go up in a week.

That's what I did 4 years ago and got demolished in the end. You see, despite being up a $100k I didn't do anything. I was just along the crypto ride thinking I'm going to the moon, but when it all came crushing down and I had to sell BTC at $3.5k it's when my crypto adventure hit a rock bottom.

You see, despite how much you're up as long as you don't take profit it means nothing. The same goes for lows, as no matter how much you're down you don't lose money until you sell.

You see, even if you bought bitcoin at highest high from 4 years ago, which was around $20k, you would have still tripled your money now by selling it at $60k.

Why am I pointing all of this out? Simple, most people that want to make money with crypto don't simply buy and hold, hoping for a moon, that's like winning a lottery and holding the ticket in hopes the money prize will go up.

No, you use it to build up your wealth. It's not like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates simply stopped investing or coming up with new venture once they hit a billionaire status,

Dan knew that, and I didn't. So, while I held on to my coins, even as they fell, and only sold when it was a must for me, I lost almost everything. Dan on the other hand used Bitsgap to leverage what he had and multiply it despite the market going a-wall.

How Does Bitsgap Trading Bot Do It?

So, Dan leverage his crypto holding and multiply it by using a cryptocurrency trading bot called, Bitsgap. Sound simple enough, right? A bot that does trades for you and makes you a profit.

Well, nothing is as simple as sounds. While Bitsgap is super simple to set up as you only need to

  1. Pick a coin pair
  2. Set low and high price
  3. adjust grid step %
  4. adjust budget and press go

The bot than creates grid lines to trade on and does the rest for you. Like Dan says it, you set it and forget it.

However, there is something missing in all of this. How do you know what coin to pick, the low/high prices and grid amount and steps?

Despite, Bitsgap app doing all the legwork for you, you still need to set it up. The set up is 95% of the success.

Best part? It works on all if not most legit crypto exchanges. We're talking Coinbase, Binance, Kraken and many more.

Bits Gap Mobile APP?

I havce not sued the mobile application so I can't talk about the pros and cons of it. Or even the risks as the security features are not know to me. I do know you can use it for porfolio management with simple directions and on Apple as well as Android devices.

However, in my opinion site is best accessed with a computer web browser. The analysis are clearer to see products and resources of the community. Plus you get to do bitsgap arbitrage trading  and revenue model.

The team would answer your crypto questions witht the combination of name and case. Like I do in this article.  Chat support is also avaiable with fast reponses on different usage and packages. It's a great value.

It includes almost all major cyrpucrrencies exchanges like KuCoi, Gemini, Binance, Kraken, Bitfinex, Coinbase as well as alternaticves and variety.

Don't take my word for it check out the world,  charts, applications, sbot, trend and even competitors. On behalf of myself I love ryptos. You can even use a credit card to by it  and use portfolio management for futures bot.

Bitsgap Tutorial and Course

Honestly, I consider myself lucky that I found Dan before Bitsgap, as like I said, without it I would probably waste a few grans before I figured it out or worse yet. I would lose money and give up.

You see, Dan Hollings came up with the Plan and his phase one is all about Bitsgap profits. Like I said this guy spend hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars on testing and perfecting his method.

You can argue that's it's the perfect Bitsgap strategy.

The best part is that with The Plan you get whole strategy, live zoom sessions for 6 weeks, support and exact coin pairings with all the info you need.

My Results with The Plan and Overview

bitsgap reviews

I have to say I didn't use any other services like cryptohopper company before bitsgap. All the bot strategies and bot settings are from Dan Hollings. Not all of my profit percentage were like tthsi for your understanding.  That's why it's my number one trading terminal. DCA

While this is in no way financial advice and you should always test out Bitsgap demo bots before commuting any money, it's crazy good.

Honestly, it made me more money per time spent than anything else I ever tried. I've broke $2k profit in the second week of running the bots.

Is that kind of results normal?

If you just running Bitsgap on your own than probably not but it seems like many of us are getting similar or even better results with the plan.

So, what are you waiting for?

Click Here to grab The Plan and Bitsgap now

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