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Anna, has been in the internet marketing space since late 2012. Her journey has taken her from promoting digital products as an affiliate, to physical,to eCommerce, to investing into gold, silver as well as cryptocurrencies, and finally, with the complied knowledge in all these niches she started to review products.

The Best of 2022 Product Reviews

The 2022 best programs have concentrated around cryptos and finances. I'm talking about investing in bitcoin, gold and other precious metals.

Top Cryptocurrency Product s2022

There is no denying that Cryptocurrencies, you only have to look in a newspaper, watch a finance segment or search anything online to be overwhelmed by the amount of products, reviews and projects around cryptocurrency, blockchain and crypto exchanges.

The problem is that most of them are spreading misinformation, or unfounded prediction. In fact, some are down right scams.

On the other side you have the unethical haters that will write negative reviews out of spite or to promote their own interest. That's why I new I needed to step and and share my recommendation.

The Plan by Dan Hollings

When it comes to cryptocurrency trading bot training there is nothing that comes close to Dan Hollings' The Plan.

Dan found a way to combine the profitability of cryptocurrency with powerful AI to make it safer, faster and more productive. It's not often I find a course that has a 100% success rate with beta testers, the Plan does.

Does that mean it will work for anyone?

Well, so far it has and if you actually follow the plan and do what Dan says I don't see how this would change. Of course, there are no guarantees, anyone that guarantees something will make you money 100% of the time is trying to scam you.

No, but based on the feedback of Dan's students, myself, and even my friends that all made profit with it, the chances are high. After all, it's set it and forget it kind of strategy.

How does it work?

You pick an crypto exchange, you set up the trading bot like Dan shows you and it does all the work for you.

That mean's it will do small trades tens or hundreds of times a day for a tiny profit each time. This way you're never risking a lot but the small gains add up to big pay days when it happens several hundreds times a day.

Find out more at

Inflation Fuels Cryptocurrency

Let's not forget that cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin and ethereum, is a great safeguard against inflation. Just look a Bitcoins buying power over the last 12 years vs the dollar?

There is no comparison, and even if bitcoin is not at its all time high it's still 2x what it was at peak in 2017/8. When did dollar do that?

Many people have a wrong idea about cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin, because their perspective is skewed. They focus on the highs and lows of coins like bitcoin, rather then the bigger picture.

If you look at coins on daily basis, weekly, monthly or even yearly they are all over the place. However, look at bitcoin over all. It's been steadily going up. Every 4 years, or 5, and especially 10.

That's what matters.

Last interesting fact. Did you know that more people bough bitcoin when it was at its peak than when it when it fell? That's something to think about.

Top Gold, Silver and Precious Metals Deals in 2022

Another big part of the finance space in 2022 and moving forward is gold, silver and precious metals market. I'm talking mostly baby boomers and gen x, those who are skeptical about digital currencies, but hold the most wealth.

  • Silent Gen + older: $18.8 trillion
  • Baby Boomers: $59.4 trillion
  • Gen x: $28.6 trillion
  • Millennials: $5 trillion

Which brings an interesting point as millennials are the biggest generation right now. What I mean they have the most people alive, with over 73.2 million people in the US. That means about 22% US population or 1 in 5 people is a millennial.

Yet, they hold almost 4 times less than people 74 or older.  Nearly 12 times less than baby boomers and almost 6 times less then gen x. 

That means gold, silver and other precious metals will remain popular for at least a decade or two. Might be even a driving force for gen x that are retiring or will soon retire.

However, once wealth is going to be transferred from baby boomers to millennials, it's game over. Cryptocurrencies and other digital assets will take over.

 In fact, it's already predicted that there will be a biggest wealth transfer around 2030 in the history of the world.

get ready!

How about Affiliate Marketing?

The beauty of affiliate marketing is that it includes all of the above. In fact, it is with affiliate marketing that you can make the most with gold, silver and precious metals.

You can also make a fortune with cryptocurrency affiliate programs without ever buying a single coin. How cool is that?

Or better yet, you can earn crypto coins with affiliate programs. That means you can own cryptocurrency without spending a single dollar on them. It doesn't get better than that!

I plan on reviewing the best affiliate programs around gold, silver, precious metals and of course cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereum.

I believe everyone should have an opportunity to make money online. It doesn't matter who you are as long as you are someone that wants to do it, and has the will to carry on.

Stay tuned for amazing reviews, bonuses and much more.