AmpiFire Review and 3X Your Campaigns Bonus

Let’s go into a deeper review of AmpiFire and how you can sell the eService to any brand or online business out there using the Asigo System by Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz.

First of all, you check out the full reviews of the Loci Cycle which includes an overview of AmpiFire as well. However, this is going to be more in-depth of the software as people want to know how it works.

Selling AmpiFire As A Service vs Using It


So, what is AmpiFire, it’s a content creator and distributors that syndicates your content to 400+ sites, that includes:

  • News sites, like AP news, Marketwatch and others
  • High Authority Blogs
  • Podcasts
  • Video sites
  • Presentation Sites
  • Social Media sites

Simply saying, it spreads your content throughout the internet with 3 purposes in mind:

Get You Traffic Fast

Ampifire posts on authority sites that rank easily and have their own traffic as well. This means you’ll be able to piggyback part of that traffic back to any page you want. That includes the niche you’re selling the eService in quickly.

However, the key here is to target the right keywords and use the correct content. Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz will go over that in the training but after running dozens of my own campaigns I know what works and doesn’t. That’s why as a bonus I offer to look over your campaign/content to make sure it’s optimized and give you a few pointers.

Brand Recognition and Authority

One of the most overlooked advantages of these campaigns is brand recognition. You see, having your eStore, or any other website, syndicated through powerful sites which include many news sites,  spread the word of your company/business/website.

Two significant factors will help you both short-term and long-term thanks to this strategy

  1. People will trust your eServices more when they see top publication and blogs are writing about it
  2. Google and other search engines values mentions from top sites and transfer part of the authority back to you.

Makes sense, right? After all, which company would you trust more; one that is featured on sites like MarketWatch or someone with no online presence?

The answer is clear, and Google agrees and favors sites. Which brings me to the 3rd purpose and my favorite.

Ranking in The Search Engine

As an SEO AmpiFire is one of my favorite tools. All these 400+ sites that will link to you will transfer some of the authority and power back to your eStore or any page you decide. Which tells Google it’s related and worth the ranking.

It’s almost like an unfair advantage that would cost you around $1,00 to $5,000 to get it done for you. However, with Asigo System it’s 1/10 of the price and that’s why reselling it at $497 to even $2,997 is the number 1 step toward live changing commissions.

On top of that second part of my bonus includes a power-up to these campaigns to give you 3 times the power, the traffic, and authority from a single campaign. I’ll talk about the bonus in more detail later in the review.

Ready for AmpiFire?

Fast Traffic, Authority, and Long-Term Rankings

You see, Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz solved the hardest parts of getting online traffic with a simple solution that takes maybe an hour or so to implement.

With other systems, you’re either stuck buying ads all the time or have to wait weeks if not months to get traffic organically, and still have little to no authority people can trust. With AmpiFire you get all 3 for a fraction of the cost and in less time.

Using AmpiFire Yourself

ampifire review

The first thing you would want to do is create a campaign for your eStore or website. I go over the steps once again in this review.

The first choice you have when creating an Amp is either “Create It For Me” or “Create It Myself.”

Amp Created For You

Ampi Fire gives you a truly hands-off approach by having the experts at Asigo do it for you. Now, this does cost additional credits but in my opinion, it’s well worth doing it at least once to see how it’s done by the pros.

The biggest advantage is that you don’t need to spend a lot of time doing it this way. It takes 15 minutes tops to set up the done for your campaign and everything else is taken care for you.

Another good use for the done for you campaigns was selling it as a service. For example, doing a campaign for a client where you would pocket 50% of the sale and just send it to the “Created For You” team.

Now with the Asigo System, you have an option to sell it as eService from the start with 75% to 90% profit, It's also easier and takes less work, but I’ll talk about that more in detail when I talk about doing it as eService.

Amp Created Yourself From Scratch

If you decide you want to create the campaign yourself you will have to choices, either created from scratch or template. I’ll talk about the template next and let’s focus on the scratch for now on.

Now, if you choose from scratch, they recommend a text length of 300 to 1000 words. However, I found that text around 600 words is a sweet spot.  You see 600 is long enough to be considered a decent size article (Google accepts it) but not long enough to bore the readers.

Once again, Chris Munch will go over this in training by from my experience you want to excite the reader just enough to want more information about the eService you’re promoting so they click to your eStore. This is the fast traffic I’ve talked about that you can start getting almost right away with an Amp.

However, you can also purchase a well-written article from an outside source quite cheaply. My bonus includes several of mine.

While this is not completely done for you as the previous option but it does reduce the time it takes to create a campaign. Especially if you’re not a fan of writing it yourself or can’t do it.

If you have the article written, you only really need 1 or 2 at tops, for you it shouldn’t take you more than half an hour to get the whole campaign going.

On the other hand if you write it yourself it would be maybe two hours, depends on your writing style. All in all, the choice is yours and none of them take a lot of time.

Amp Created from A Template

One of my favorites options when starting with AmpiFire was the ability to write the articles from templates. This means filling out the blanks and answering questions as the system creates the article for you.

This is a great resource if you don’t know how to write articles or just need guidance.   It also teaches you the correct format for press releases and blog posts. For example, a big difference between Press Release is that you don’t really talk to the person reading it and avoid using words like you. While blog posts are more personal and rely on the use of you more.

I go over step by step on how to create an Amp from template inside the asigo review, click here to check it out.

Or grab AmpiFire now

That really concludes the creating of an Amp for yourself and while at the start of this strategy you will be creating Amps to get eService clients it’s really good for many other things. Which gets me to :

Creating Amp for Other or White-Label Service

Like previously mentioned a lot of AmpiFire users were creating amps for their clients. Whether it was a local business, a brand, or an affiliate site, you could easily charger $1000 per month and do these amps.

However, this meant trading your time for money. Sure, the campaigns are easy to create but if you have 20 clients the whole procedure and management get tedious and time-consuming. Plus with the old model, you were getting 60% to 40% profit at most.

You could do the done for your campaign, but that will decrease the profits even more and you still had to input the info and create the reports for your clients.

All of this changes with the new Asigo System and selling AmpiFire as a white-label eService. Not only it’s cheaper, fulfillment costs around $100, but also hands-off. This means you don’t need to create the amps, hire writers, or use Asigo ones, you don’t even need to send out reports. The Asigo team does all of that for you while you pocket 75% to 90% profit.

AmpiFire Bonus

However, the best part of this is that you’re no longer limited by the amount of eService you sell. I know Chris has mentioned this a dozen times, but the point of dropshipping eServices is that you don’t worry about anything else but getting visitors to the offer.

It’s almost like combining the ease of use of affiliate with the profitability of eCommerce. Again, fulfilling might not seem like a big deal when you’re selling 3 per month, but how about 30 per month?

If you’re like me you want to build you eService to at least 6 if not 7 figure business over the next year or so and this way is the easiest way to do it.

Even if you plan to do the campaigns yourself for some customers at a higher price don’t underestimate the power of being it fulfilled by Chris Munch’s team.

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