America’s Last Digital Leap with Jeff Brown: What Do You Need To Know?

Jeff Brown is hosting America's Last Digital Leap summit and you're invited to join him.

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What is Jeff Brown's America's Last Digital Leap?

Jeff Brown is known for his Biotech stock pics and it looks like he has a monster on his radar. A big idea inside the $11.9 trillion industry. However, it looks like it's your last chance to profit with it big.

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You see, Biotech has grown exponentially during the pandemic but as profits rise more and more institutional money is flowing into each of the companies. Which is a good thing if you invest early enough but once they make their deal profits will dwindle.

You have to understand small investments work differently than if someone like Warren Buffet would get in on the action. For example, a $1000 investment can 10x or even 100x when placed early enough and turn that into $10,000 or even $100,000 with ease.

However, when a big investor comes in with $10 million or $100 million and floods the market he will no longer get 100x, more like 0.5x or even 0.2% because of the sheer size of the investment.

You on the underhand will have that big payout if you got in early enough.

Biotech vs Cryptos?

The two hottest sectors in tech right now are biotech and cryptocurrency. There is no denying the impact of the sectors.  However, did you know that they are tied together?

There are several biotech cryptos that utilize the blockchain for various reasons. MediBloc is one of those that want to use the blockchain to ease the accessibility of information for both doctors and patients.

This could save lives as paramedics can access valuable information about the patients without even revealing their identity.

Best part? Most of these coins and tokens are built on Ethereum, the biggest coin after Bitcoin. As of now Ether is worth over $2k but many experts believe it could hit $10k soon enough and it's on the way to becoming the second trillion-dollar coin after BTC. The current market cap is 1/4 of it which indicates there is still a lot of room to grow.

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More Information About America's Last Digital Leap by Jeff Brown

America's Last digital Leap main event is happening this Wednesday, April 7th at 8 PM make sure you don't miss it.

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