The AMBSDR Bonuses That Will Take You To The Next Level and 10X You

Listen, do you want quantity or quality?

My bonuses were specifically designed to work with AMBSDR and  increase your profitability, success level and ease of mind

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Bonus 1: Done-for-You Brand Awareness - Value $2000

To be a top brand ambassador you need to up your own brand recognition. This will allow you to reach a wider audience and put you on the map.

Result? More companies will want to work with you, pay more, and give you more of free stuff!

I do that for every site or product I promote and now you can have it too with my bonus #1

Bonus 2: Unlimited Google Traffic Super Pack - Worth $3000 or more

How did you find my AMBSDR review? I bet it was on Google or some other search engine. The truth is that 90% of all my traffic which also = sales comes from search engines.

In my opinion organic is the best type of traffic because unlike ads, people are already searching for what you are offering.

As a bonus I'll get you that precious organic our website at ZERO cost to you.

Bonus 3: Super Charged Pinterest Power Up Method - Worth $1000+

Chris Luck has a great training on Pintrerest, but I found a way to power charge your Pinterest to the next level.

A way that will get you tons of visitors, increase your brand reputation and make you Pinterest famous.

Best part? It's 100% free once you know what to do. However, I also have an automated way to do it and that will be the next bonus.

Bonus 5: 5 Done-for-You YouTube videos : Value $1000

Video is another great way to promote items as a brand ambassador. What if you don't want to get on camera? At least, not yet?

Well, let me create 5 videos for you for free as part of my bonus. You can promote anything you want with it.

Just give me the script and I'll turn it into a video in few days!

Bonus 4: 10 Done-4-You Pinterest Power Ups! - Worth $1000+

So, how about 10 done  for you Power Ups? If I actually sold these I would charge at least $100 each.

However, I don't and most likely never will because of how well it works. You, on the other hand, get 10x of them for free with my bonus .

Just make sure to use my link to buy AMBSDR to get all of these bonuses

Bonus 6: Organic Traffic to 5 of Your Videos - Worth $5000+ (only 2 left)

How about getting YouTube traffic to your videos for free?

You see, I've been ranking YouTube videos for years and will rank those 5 videos I make for you for free!

Combine the power of AMBSDR and my bonuses with YouTube today.

Bonus going away soon

On top of those bonuses you'll get my Skype and Private email! 

However, once AMBSDR is closed all of the BONUSES go away!

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