7-Figure Mini Groups Review: Caleb O’Dowd Platinum Edition Bonus

The 7-Figure MiniGroups Platinum Edition is a unique Facebook group system that only takes 12 days by one of the best digital marketers of the last decade, Caleb O'Dowd.

However, does it work in 2023, and will it work for you?

I'm Anna, and this is the 7-Figure Mini Groups review

The 7-Figure Mini Groups Platinum Edition

At the moment, this review is mostly about the 7-Figure MiniGroup system. The Platinum Edition is not yet out, and once I get access I'll update this review with new features and resources that are inside the platinum edition.

With that said, I already know from an inside source that this edition will include AI software to make it more automated. In results, faster and less hands-on.

So, you'll be able to create more of them with less work and faster.

If that wasn't enough, there will be a dedicated team to do many of the elements for you.

Finally, the support will be extended to 12 months and not the industry standard of 6-week and done.

Did you hear about anything this powerful before?

Original 7-Figure MiniGroups by Caleb O'Dowd

The original 7-Figure Mini Groups took the online world by storm not too long ago. Here was a system that could generate you massive income in just 12 days.

Honestly, before Caleb O'Dowd revealed it and showed proof I would have never believed that you can make that kind of money online in just 12 days.

Was it possible 10, 15, or 20 years ago? Yes, I personally know people that made $10k a day or a week back with Adwords and affiliate marketing when you didn't even need to split test. Or Facebook ads when they were for penies.

In fact, even I've managed to make a good 5-figures

In a week with a brand new site following a trend. However, if someone told me you can do the same in the 2020s, I would say no way. But, Caleb O’Dowd’s has done it, and not for the first time.

Explanation of the 12 Day Groups

The main idea behind 7-Figures MiniGroups is the combination of community and scarcity. An odd combo at first sight but that's why it's so brilliant.

You see, online groups, communities and so on have gained popularity in the recent years. In fact, if you spend any significant time on Facebook, you're probably a member of multiple groups.

Personally, I'm a part of at least a dozen but only check 2 or 3 on the daily basis. Unless I see something really interesting pop up in my feed.

I'm guessing that is how most of us view Facebook groups. The ones I check daily have to do with online marketing, while others might be part of groups for passions, hobbies, or support.

Basically, the internet and in this case Facebook has given people the ability to come together, chat, exchange ideas from around the world. We can talk about how forums did it first, but they have been replaced and even back in early 2000s, forums were more for hardcore enthusiasts than casual people.

Chances are you might have even heard or bought a course about how to start and grow a Facebook group. They are really power andf profitable.

However, what is the worst part about starting and growing a Facebook group?

It's a lot of work. You need to be active, have some kind of expretise, constantly try getting new members, moderate the group, deal with mutiny (no joke, some people are savage), and most of the group will be filled with non-buyers.

Can you still make money online with it? Yes, but it will probably be swallow all of your time and will have to be your full-time income.

What if there was an easier and better way?

Scarcity to Seven-Figure Groups

What if the group lasted only 12 days? I mean, would you, hassel if it meant putting in 12 days of work a month, to earn for the full month?

I mean that little over 1/3 of a month. If I told you you can work for next 12 days and have the rest of the month free and still make money. Wouldn't you take that deal?

Now, I can't go into the details on the 7-Figures Mini Groups or Caleb O'Dowd's process. It's pretty brilliant how he came up with some techniques. However, I can give you the overview.

The idea is to start a group, have an offer, make 5 engaging videos, and get as much people into the group funnel as possible.

You don't actually have an offer yourself, you can use affiliate, and you don't even have to make the videos yourself. In fact, you don't need to show your face at all.

You have to admit that it's pretty brilliant. Take a facebook group and turn it into a funnel.

In a nutshell, you're running these 12 days funnels that are nothing what peopel are used to these days.

It's all thank to one man, Caleb O'Dowd.

Caleb O'Dowd Reviews

I've been a fan of Caleb O'Dowd for some years now, and I have no problem saying he's one of the most innovative marketers I've followed.

It seems like he's constantly evolving his ideas, finding new angles and so on. Let's even take this approach to Facebook groups.

There are quite a few marketers teaching the importance of groups. As previously mentioned, the idea of a community warms up leads. However, even today, profiting from Facebook groups seems like a pretty original program. Few people know that strategy.

So, Caleb O'Dowd could have just slapped together some training, include some of his marketing insights, come up with a clever name and sell thousands of copies.

But now, that's not Caleb O'Dowd does things. He's always looking for an edge, an alternative way to do things. That's why he's one of the best. This is no different.

Instead of just doing what everyone else is with Facebook groups and teach slow growth to several thousands in months or a year. Caleb does a 180 and goes for 12 days profits form mini groups.

I mean 12 moths vs 12 says in easy decision.

That's why he's one of my favorite marketers alive.

7-Figure Mini Groups Bonus

The course is still a long way away but I'm already considering about the 7-Figure Mini Groups bonuses I'll give. If you have any suggestions or ideas please leave them in the comment sections.

That's it for the 7-Figure MiniGroups revie for now.

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