123 Profit Review – Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton 2023

So, what is 123 Profit by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton? Inside this review you will find out what I know, the speculation and what's to come.

The 123 Profit: Different Approach?

There is little known about the new business model from Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton that's coming out in January 2023.

123 profit reviews

However, we do have a few key pieces of information about it.

We know 123 Profit  is going to be a twist on CPA marketing that will:

  • easy to run
  • no need to deal with customer service
  • no suppliers
  • no product inventory
  • no selling
  • make money with a webpage that has only 27 words
  • free traffic source

As you see, this business model has nothing to do eCommerce, Crypto or Internet Marketing niche. Let's unpack this.

Totally New Niche Business Model

The first thing that really got me interested in 123 Profit is that it has nothing to do with 3 of the most popular niches for these sort of programs.

While I mostly work in IM and crypto niche, a little in eCommerce, I'm ready to test something new. Why? The three above are great but over saturated and very competitive.

Which makes it harder, especially if you're new, to have success. On the other hand a niche that is fairly new or not saturated can give much quicker results. This of course is preferable for anyone, but especially if you just starting out.

What is the Niche?

Unfortunately, I still don'\t know but I believe it could be something local or more as a service arbitrage. Where you promote a service for a commission instead the typical digital product for a commission.

Which makes sense as you don't need a product, inventory or even selling for this type of offer.

However, it could be something totally different. I'll update this 123 Profit review once I know more.

Free Traffic with 123 Profit

The next part that got me excited is that it will use a free traffic to get commissions. Which is always exciting as I'm a big of free traffic, 90% of my traffic comes from free sources.

However, there is more to it as I've noticed for people that are new to a system are much more willing to invest in something that offers free traffic. Which makes sense as you pay for a product, the idea to spend on traffic can overwhelm you.

Who can blame you? Traffic can be an unlimited pit of money and I saw some digital products do that. However, not all, there are some really good paid ads programs but still, free is better? At, least at the start.

Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth Reviews

So, these two are behind some of the most successful digital products out there. I've tested most of them and the quality is top notch.

If you're in the internet marketing space or eCommerce you most likely heard about one of their products. They are product veterans and it shows.

For example,  they actually care about their reputation. This means they will not put out a product, get sales, and run like many online marketers.

Another thing is that both Aidan and Steve care about their customers. What is even more impressive is that they understand their customers. I mean after 11+ year of releasing system they know a thing or two.

Which translates in the content and support.

For example, the content of the courses is usually aimed at someone just starting out. However, as it progresses you'll get to learn some of the most cutting edge techniques online. Advanced strategies that allow scaling like crazy.

As for support, again they know, sometimes you just need a little help. That's why Aidan and Booth has some of the best customer support in the business.

They answer fast and give clear answers. What else do you need?

My Thoughts 123 Profits

As you there is still little to go on but I'm going definitely test this system because it's intriguing to say the least. Plus, it's by some of my favorite product creators.

However, does that mean 123 Profit will be good?

Too early to say, but make sure to keep checking this review for updates as I find out more. Maybe even beta test it.

As for now, check out mo other reviews and stay tune for 123 Profit.

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