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The 100k Shout Out with AmpiFire promotion is not closed but there is still a way to get it before it closes for good this Friday.

Important: There is an update to this called and you can read more about it at The Asigo System review with Ampifire now. 

Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz is launching a $100K Content Marketing Challenge did you hear about it?

100k shout outsCreator: Chris Munch (PressCable.com)
Price: $2499
Official Website: 100kshoutouts.com

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What is 100k ShoutOuts?

Marketing methods are constantly changing, one day its Facebook ads, the other Instagram or Youtube. However, the one thing that doesn't change is that every marketer wants his offer in front of as many targeted people as possible.

From the the days where people shouted from rooftops or busy town squares, marketing is and always will be about getting people to you or your offer.

So, how does 100k Shout Outs fit into all of this?

In a way, it's the modern version of shouting from the rooftops, without doing it literally, to spread information about your website, post, offer or anything else to as many people as possible.

Imagine if you can take a blog post you've written, or even a small 30-minute website that Chris teaches you how to create in the course, and have it appear all over the web the next day.

I'm talking news sites like ABC News, State Journal, Fox News and many more. Video sites like YouTube and Vimeo, podcasts, blogs as well as Facebook and Twitter to name a few.

In a sense you create an omnipresence, your content will be everywhere, around anything you want. Can you picture that?

Now I don't know about you, but for me knowing that any promotion I do, every blog post I write or anything else will get visitors in a day, sometimes just hours, is insanely motivating.

Think of it this way. What's the number one thing stopping you from doing stuff like this online? For most of us, it's the fear of failure, wasting your time and money, being ridiculed for chasing your dreams or simply not believing in yourself.

With Ampifire, content amplification engine created by Chris Munch, all of this changes. The 100k ShoutOuts gets your content all over the web everytime.

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100k Shout Outs + Ampifire

100k shout outs + ampifire

What really stands out for me in the 100k Shout Outs course is that you have this simple step by step process, that I go over in details later in the review, powered by a unique software, Ampifire.

You see, most software out there that mimic just parts of what Ampifire does require you buying additional components and even renting dedicated servers just to run it. On top of that the learning curve is too steep to make worth it.

Ampifire on the other hand is build right inside the 100k Shout Outs member's area so you don't need to install or run it yourself.

Just follow the over-the-shoulder style trianing that includes everything from picking an offer to running the campaigns and getting results.

To test it out, I showed it to some of my non-marketing friends and they were suprised it was so simple. Even made fun of me that anyone can do what I do.

Hoever, if you do need help or want someone to take a look at your campaign there is members only 100k Shoutouts Facebook group. There are always people helpin qch other out as well as Chris himself. In fact, he reguallaty critiques offers right inside the group.

The training, software and community creates something really specially, and I'm glad I could be a part of it? Are you?

Maybe you're interested in Overnight Freedom? Check out the review for that now.

How does Ampifire Do it?

So, you're ready to start your first campaign? I'll be honest it's not often I get excited when testing out new systems as I did with ampifire.

How is this different? After the training and looking to start my first campaign I've realized that I've already done similar campaigns, at least partially, to the ones that ampifire does.

The only difference is that mine were either done through several different services, Virtual Assistant, or myself. Which still worked great, but it can costs up to $1000 and take a week to complete.

Ampifire combines all of that, and then some, into simple and affordable campaigns.


So, let's recap. With Ampifire you can get posts on:

  • Real High Traffic Blogs
  • Mainstream New Sites
  • YouTube and Vimeo
  • LinkedIn's SlideShare
  • POdBean and buzzsprout
  • Facebook and Twitter
  • Even Google News

Without using any other services, assistants or without spending hours yourself.

Jump aboard now

Automation Meets Results: How AmpiFire Works

So, is ampifire a content distributor? Not quite, what Chris Munch and his team did is combine software automation, artificial intelligence with manual writing and optimization to create something unique.

They basically took out probably 90% of the work to streamline a campaign of posting and doing all of the things I've talked about before into a single task for you.  This way you can focus on your business and not creating all promotions yourself.

Let me show you what I mean:


The first option you have is to either create a new Amp yourself or have one create for you. You can have one created for you, a true hands off approach, but I does cost additional credits, and I'll talk about this later. For now, let's stick with creating one ourselves.

100k shout outs review

The next option you have is to either create one from scratch or template. The main difference here is that if you do it from a template you're just filling in the blanks while Ampifire does the rest.

If you're doing it from scratch than you're still guided by a step by step process, but you'll be writing all the content out yourself.

I really like the template version as it makes the process easier and faster. So, let's go with that one.

ampifire chris munch 100k shoutouts review

Here's where it gets really interesting. As you can see above there is pretty much a template for anything you want to promote. From reviews, reports, top-lists and case-studies to book launches, award winners, and charitable donations.

Now from this alone you can see the scope of it all. For example, I have a client that has new children's book coming up so I can do a whole campaign for him on that.

100kshoutouts.com ampfire

After that, all you do is fill in the blanks for the campaign. Most of those are either one word answers or half a sentence. The amount you need fill out will vary from template to template but I find most can be done in 30 minutes or so.

Once, it's complete it will fill out all the steps you get in the “Start From Scratch” and at this point all you have to do is make sure everything is correct and you're done with that part.

However, that's just 1 part of the puzzle and now it's time to publish it.

Publishing Your 100k Shoutouts with Ampfire

100 should out  review

Okay, so once you have your content all written out for you it's time to publish it and this is where the magic happens.

News Article and Blog Posts

The first two places Ampifire will publish your content to is news articles and blog posts. Now, we're bot talking just some free press releases sites but news sites like USA Today, BBC News, and over 400 other news sites out there.

I mean it's worth it for the bragging rights alone as you can honestly say that you were featured in some of the biggest news sites in the world. However, the news articles will also be featured in Google news, and in regular Google results.

So essentially, you're getting traffic from new sites themselves, Google News, and regular Google all in one. There is another long-term benefit of this that I'll talk about later.

It also posts on high authority blog posts, which also can get you traffic from both the sites themselves and possible rankings. Plus, it has the long-term benefit I'll get into details about at the end.

Podcasts Slideshow and Videos

  • The next thing Ampifire does is take the content and turn it into audio to post on various podcast sites.
  • It does the same with content and pictures to create a slideshow that it posts to sites like Slideshare.
  • Finally, it takes the slides and audio to create a video that is spread on sites like YouTube and Vimeo.

How cool is that? Without any extra work they create and syndicate your content in audio slides and video form while getting a link back to the promotion, and long-term benefits.

Short and Long term Benefits of Aimpifire


The short-term benefits of creating 100k shout outs are obvious, you can get your content out and getting real targeted traffic in under 36 hours. That's shorter than what some advertising platforms make you wait before approving your ad.

However, with an ad you're constantly paying for it to run. The second you stop it disasters and you're no longer getting traffic from it.

That's not freedom, that's like a job where you loose money if you preform bad.

Shoutouts work differently, and while you might not stay on top of Google news forever, your content, audio, slides, video, and links from them back to your website or promo do. You can get traffic from them for months or even years after your campaign is done.

Which takes me to another long-term benefit that I'm looking forward to the most. You see, by making a 100k shoutouts you're creating relevance, trust, and authority to anything you point it at.

Why is this important? It gives Google and other search engines exactly what they are looking for when filling out their ranking results.

That's real FREEDOM.

Think about it, when you create a post or mini website for a specific niche or even a product and have all the news sites, authority blogs, biggest audio, video, and slides pointing back to you. Do you think Google will take notice?

Of course, you get:

  • relevance because of these are about the same niche/product.
  • authority because it sends out strong signals if news sites feature you
  • trust being mentioned in publishers that are featured in Google news has a lot of weight to it and Google trust sites like these more.

Can't wait to join?

$100k Shout Outs In a Year?


Now, if you calculate the amount you will need to spend to buy each of the services featured in Ampifire, you're looking at $500 to $1000 minimum. That's with you doing the work as well, hiring someone else will double that.

Just recently I had pay $200 to get 10 articles published for one of my sites. Imagine if I had to do that for 400 articles. No wonder people charge thousands of dollars for campaigns similar to a 100k shout out.

In fact, you could do too and use Ampifire for client's campaigns. It comes with enough credits to generate an estimated $15,000 in revenue.

However, where does the $100k come from?

You see, based on Chris' own experience and beta testers, each campaign makes around $1,000 per month on autopliot. So, it takes only around 9 campaigns to generate around $100,000 per year.

That's awesome based on the amount it takes to create one campaign. Add the fact it already comes preloaded with enough credits to generate around $15,000 in revenue and you can get started right away.

Sounds great, but what can you use it for?

Like I've said, you can use it for your website, posts, mini sites like Chris does, or even just promotions. In fact, you can use it for pretty much anything but the most popular markets are:

  • Affiliate Marketing – where you promote other people's products or services
  • eCommerce – promote your store or some else's store
  • Local – where you promote local businesses for a fix price or per month basis

Now, if you're not sure what all of that means don't worry, there is training from Chris inside the member's area explaining all of this and how to do it. On top of that you have a FB page and Chris will continue to host live training sessions every week.

What Is The Number 1 Reason I Recommend This?

ampifire reviewBy now, you've watched the promo video, read the review and at least have an idea if 100k Shout Out is for you.

However, it seems no one is talking about one of the most important part. Sure, saying reaching $100k per year with just 9 campaigns is great, but that doesn't do it justice.

The 100kShoutOuts is not just another get rich quick scam that has a 1% chance to work if you're lucky. No, it isn't another loophole or an exploit, but a precise and predictable way of generating traffic and with it results.

As you see, it doesn't try to reinvent the wheel, but takes everything that is already working and combines it into simple step-by-step process anyone can use.

Imagine, have the power to be featured in 400+ news sites, authority blogs, podcasts, video sites and more in just 36 hours from now. That's what 100k Shoutout offers and you can grab it now

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Still not convinced? Here is what you get it without even mentioning my bonus

  • 100k Shout Out 6-Week Live Training: step-by-step process + questions
  • AmpiFire Enterprise Software Access: automate the traffic with it
  • AmpiFire Unlimate Profit Pack: done-4-you amp campaigns
  • Done-For-You Authority Site: done-4-you website to promote and earn
  • The 90 Day “ROI” Challenge : comprehensive plan to earn back in 90 days
  • Private “$100k Shout Out” Mastermind: private community to crowd-source
  • Your 24/7 Concierge: support and coaching avaible for you
  • Bonus #1: “$100k Shout Out: Case Studies
  • Bionus #2: One -To-One Strategy Session
  • Bonus #3: Your Ticket To AmpiFire Live

More Power and Traffic? The 100k Shout Outs Bonus

ampifire bonus

Remember how I talked about long-term benefits? How even after the campaign is over you'll still be getting traffic? In fact, even Chris talks how running a campaign every few months or so to increase the power of your content.

What if I told you can 3x to 10x each of your campaign? Meaning get as much as 3 to 10 times the traffic and power for each campaign you run in Ampifire.

Sound great? Well, that's exactly what I've been doing and the results are insane. Now, for a limited time only I'll do the same for 5 of your AmpiFire campaigns. However, make sure to get it fast as I'll be limiting the amount of campaigns every day.

How my bonus works?

asigo system bonus

Now, I can't get into too much details as it's something I'm using for my clients and myself everyday and don't want everyone copying it. However, it works by powering up AmpiFire campaigns.

So, AmpiFire campaign powers up your website, blog post, promotion or anything you want, and my bonus powers up up that campaign. Which results in the 400+ sites getting more exposure, reach, ranking and of course traffic. Making them more dominant and in results increasing the power of the whole campaign by 3 to 10 times on average.

You get 5 of those for free if you buy using a link on this site, like This One. Now considering I do this for clients and charge on average $1 per site, with 400+ site in AmpiFire x 5, you're getting around $2000 in value from this bonus alone.

Grab your copy of 100k Shout Outs now and leave a comment or contact me for the bonus details!


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