100K Blueprint Review and Bonus- Dan Dasilva is Back?

Dan Dasilva's 100K Blueprint is back and now it enters the Masters Edition. Question remains is it good enough for today's market?

100K Blueprint Maters Edition

00K Blueprint Review

Dan Dasilva is used to be huge in the eCommerce space a few years ago. The Brooklyn, NY based eCom guru had a huge following, a successful eCom course and a helpful YouTube channel dedicated to eCom, mostly drop shipping through Shopify.

However, in recent years I haven't heard much about him and it made me wonder. If the 100K Blueprint, called the Masters Edition is his magnum opus?

We will get back to this in a second but let's first explore what Dan Dasilva has been doing these days. From my won research he's still living large with his 7-figure dropshipping business and taking. While he hasn't been active on social media as much as before the videos he does put out all point to him doing his own thing.

Dan Dasilva Reviews

Like I've mentioned before I knew about Dan Dasilva for quite some time now and even had the opportunity to talk to him a few times. What struck me about him is how down to earth and humble he is in real life.

I could not sense the superiority, or I'm better than you, syndrome that many successful online entrepreneurs seem to display. No, he's just a regular guy that found a way to do something that make him boat loads of money.  Aren't we all like that?

That's why I was surprised when there was little to no mention about him in the last few months. However, it all make sense out as he's been working on the new version of the 100K Blueprint that's coming out this September, the masters edition.

Let's say I'm a bit more than existed seeing how I do eCommerce myself and always looking for fresh ideas on how to make it more profitable.

The Masters Edition

From what I know now the Masters Edition is looking to be his best product ever. After years open years of running a7-Figure eCommerce business Dan has a lot of insight that would make small time or people completely new to eCommerce reach success faster.

We often see eCom courses and systems put out by online marketers but from my experience most do it only as a side business. Which is great, but can you really teach eCommerce if you only do it part time?

That question remains open but I would definitely rather learn eCom from the source or someone that has been doing it full time for years rather than just a fly-by guru. Don't get me wrong there are some good courses out there that people that know what thye are doing, but many lack years of experience that Dan DaSilva has.

What's New About $100K Blueprint 4.0?

Let's get to the point why 100kBlueprint 4.0 is a total game changer.

When we hear dropshipping most of us think of products from China that take weeks or even months to get because of shipping. However, Dan figured out a new way to dropship straight from the US even stores like Macy's

Yes, Macy's as with the online shopping crave big brands are almost begging people to sell their stuff online so they can continue their business. Sounds crazy but makes perfect sense once you think about it.

The whole world has shifted in the last few months and everything else has to catch up. Did you see all of the sales that are going on now? We're talking everything off 50% or even 75% off just so that big brands can get rid of their inventory

That's why this model is perfect right now and will only get better with time as everything gets back to normal. Let's face it eCommerce has been on a rise for more than 10 years, rising around 15% per years since 2010.

The world on lock down because of the pandemic has only accelerated it's growth and there is no going back. With fast shipping, free returns and unlimited amount of items to chose from the eCommerce has taken control.

With 100k Blueprint to can be at the front of the new wave of eCommerce, 1 product stores.

No Inventory – 1 Product Store

Selling just one product on an eCommerce store is not a new idea, I've tried it before and it does have many upsides to it. However, what's Dan Dasilva has done takes it to the next level with both profitability and accesability.

This about it, if you were able to take an eCommerce store to $100k within a year would you rather do it with hundred products or just 1?

If they money is the same the answer is obvious, one product. It's easier, less problematic and most importantly marketing is much simpler. Which takes me to my 100k Blueprint bonus I'll talk about later.

You see, the goal of Dan Dasilva new course in not to be another Macy's or Bed Bath Beyond, both which are suffering and almost bankrupt., but rather go with the trend. The whole online world is niching down, or focusing on serving their clients directly with less products and services.

Which again make sense as these kind of business that specialize on fewer products and services are able to impact their customers and clients more directly than a chain store. Who would you rather buy from someone who sells a bit of everything but doesn't know anything or someone that focuses on a specific niche or even a product?

Which takes me to marketing. In the good old days marketing was casting a wide-spread net and trying to catch a few. Think of TV ads or even newspaper ads back in the day. They would be targeted, in some not all cases, toward a specific demographic.

A good examples are the Super Bowl Ads which cost a fortune. Sure, most are aimed at males ages 20 to 40, but what about the kids, wives and other demographics? This becomes even more complicated with shows that are watched by different age groups and so on.

The online marketing changed all of that as you can target people by pretty much anything you can think off.  We're talking interests, hobbies, shows you watch, websites you visits, youtube you browse and the list goes on.

Companies around the world are paying billions of dollars to know that info so they can advertise their products more directly. We went from catching with a net to having a specific bait for each individual.

However, what if you didn't have to spend billions, millions of even thousands of dollars to ROI some of those companies only dream about. That's why focusing on a single products makes it easier, more targeted and most important cheaper to market. Raising your return on investment tenfold.

Dan Dasilva solved that problem as well and I have something more to offer from myself.

100k Blueprint Bonus

What if I told you can also target people that specifically search for your product. If you wanted to buy ads for keywords like that you would go broke before making a single sale. However, I've been perfecting a way to do it for zero upkeep cost.

That's why I'm offering as a bonus that will get you traffic from major search engines like Googlem Bing and Yahoo at no extra cost for you. Yes, it will be done for you as long as you buy 100K Blueprint 4.0 Masters Edition through my link.

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