Knowledge Business Blueprint Review with Mindmint Software 2019

The Knowledge Business Blueprint is Tony Robbin's first course in over two decades and what a course it is.

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So, what is Knowledge Business Blueprint?

At the core, it's a brainchild of the three most successful people in the self-education space. That can take anyone and guide them to unprecedented success in any field they desire, no matter from what walk of life.

After all, we're talking Tony Robbins; most sought out life coach and problem solver on the world. Dean Graziosi, a self-made millionaire, and best real estate educator. Last, but not least Russel Brunson, an online entrepreneur, and Clickfunnels creator.

Now, I'll talk about each of them later in the review but for now, let's focus on the course itself.

Inside Blueprint for Business Based on Knowledge

the knowledge business blueprint reviewHow would you like to grab a slice of the $129 billion industry that is about 5x in the next few years according to Forbes magazine?

Who wouldn't, right? However, most people have no idea how even to get started with something like that. Most of us just try to find that one opportunity that might just make a difference. Never realizing that we already have most of we need to succeed inside of us. All we need is a strategy, a way if you like to extract it.

Think about all the times you read about a topic you're really passionate about, or talk to someone. I bet that you that at times you just can't handle how little they actually know about the topic, or how wrong they are. Maybe you even go a step further and think about how you would have written it, or respectfully educate the other person.

Same things go for actions. There is nothing wrong with thinking you could do something just as good as other people, or even better. The same way there is nothing wrong with them not doing it perfectly, or not to your liking. Inside the course, Tony Robbins talks how perfection kills productivity, and it's a menace.

Just go back in your mind to all the things you wanted to do but never did because you either didn't believe in yourself or didn't do it perfectly. Wish you had done them anyway? How about all the things that ended up being great in your life, even monumental, that didn't start perfectly or even ended such, but still had a positive impact on your life.

You see by just smirking to yourself on how you are better than someone else or know more, doesn't impact anyone even if it's true. Most importantly doesn't impact you aside from a self-clap on the back, but it's doesn't move you forward. And the truth is that any movement forward will get you closer to the live you want to live. Either if it's happiness, wealth, fame or just some extra time with the loved ones.

The next step is to extract your knowledge and create a business out of it. That's exactly what Knowledge Blueprint Business is all about.

What About Using Other People's Knowledge As Blueprint for Business?

Now if you're someone that's not sure, or entirely confident that you can dominate a specific niche or market there is another way to get started. In fact, there are two other ways to get started with this, and Tony Robbins did them both before becoming the master.

Bening, a Reporter Of Knowledge

This is a KBB method that one of the oldest and most time tested ways get your foot in any industry, yet so many people never realize they can use it.

I'm talking about reporting other people's knowledge and while this has been done through history one example in the last 100 years stands out the most. It's the best Napoleon Hill's Think And Grow Rich that sold over 100 million copies worldwide and making it the most sold book of the century.

If you're not familiar with the book or Napoleon Hill, it all started with Napoleon interviewing Andrew Carnegie in 1908 and then other successful people writing a report on all of them.

However, you don' even have to look that far as these days tons of people are doing reports or intervening experts in various fields to write books and articles, record videos podcast while starting their knowledge.

As I said before Tony Robbins did the same thing. In fact, he still does it with topics that he's not an expert at or believes others know more. In 2014 he published the Money: Master The Game, which was based research and interviews of 1% of people in the financial industry. The book aimed to help people manage their finances better, and sold over $1 million copies in a single year.

Now, I'm not saying you have to write New York Times best seller right away, but just showing you whats possible.

The best part is that with Dean Graziosi's and Tony Robbins' Knowledge Business Blueprint you will have step by step process on how to do it, and even more example how other people have done it.

Become A Knowledge-Broker

Now this one is interesting because it combines a bit of being a reporter and expert and it involves partnering up with someone that's already an expert and use that as driving force.

However, guess what? Tony Robbins did this as well. In fact, he was a knowledge broker for Jim Roth and made both of them a lot of money.

The goal in being a knowledge broker is using other people knowledge and spreading it out or partnering together. The main difference between reporter and broker is that you work together with rather than just doing interviews.

I almost see it as an apprentice roll, especially if you want to become the expert with time. However, you can use it like some social influencers were they simply partner up and spread the expert opinion while getting commissions.

Be All Of The Above?

Most courses out there only give you one path, and it's often less divine than it should be. How many times did you buy a course just to find out it's something you can't see yourself doing in a thousand years? More often than not they just expect you become an expert overnight without really teaching you how to do it.

The beauty of the KBB method is that you can do all three, pick two or just one and still be ridiculous profitable. Now I'm not going to take credit for it because without Knowledge Business Blueprint and Mindmint Software it's more difficult and time-consuming than described. However, the course combines all of Tony's, Dean's and Russell's knowledge to take away years of trial and error while the software makes it all happen.

Into The Knowledge Business Blueprint Review

Now that I talked about the 3 different methods of KBB let's get into the course itself.

The course is broken down in 4 modules with each one having several lessons. With course, additional content and bonuses there are over 5o videos.

  • Module 1: Extract It – In this one, you learn how to either extract your own knowledge that you can use, or someone else's as a reporter. It's a real eye-opener, especially if you think you don't know enough to do it.
  • Module 2: Fill It – Here you will see what 75 combined years in this industry really mean. The secret sauce to getting your message across and to the most people out there.
  • Module 3: Run It – Now this is where you start making the impact and wealth. Tony, Dean, and Russell hand you the blueprint along with the software to run it all.
  • Module 4: Knowledge Borker – this one is specific for knowledge brokers, and it tells you strategies on how to have experts chasing you to work with you and another the other way around.

On top of that, you get achievements where you can unlock bonus material like the power moves.

Commnity, which is a facebook group with Dean and other members o the course.

Mindmint Software Review

Now I'll be honest, the KBB course is well worth the money, but with a year of the mindmint software, it's a no brainer.

We're talking software that can

  • take care of designing, accepting payments and fulfilling
  • building the entire event from scratch
  • extracting wisdom to build your agenda
  • website building with done for you campaigns
  • track sales and customers
  • interactive checklist
  • seamless integration with tons of other software

Mind Mint software part of that Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi build from scratch.

Self-Education To $1 Billion Per Day?

I've talked about how self-education is already a $129 billion business. However, in just a few years it is expected to grow to a billion a day.

Just imagine grabbing a slice of that kind of cash.


Use The Knowledge You Already Know to Make Money

I'll be honest. I really like the name Knowledge Business Blueprint as it fits this system perfectly. After all, you most likely heard the “knowledge is power” quote. However, did you know that we all posses knowledge that others don't? Just think of the last time you talked to someone about something you were either really passionate or knowledgeable or both?

I bet you felt amazing at that moment, you beaming with enthusiasm while the person listing to you was in awe. Okay, maybe I'm a bit exaggerating, but we often take these moments fro granted. We brush them out as if it's nothing special. Try to see humble, but deep inside we are yearning to use it.

Did you know that you can feel like that more often and get paid for it? If that wasn't enough, you could even expand your own knowledge and network while doing this.

What If I Know Nothing?

One of the most famous Socrates quotes was “the only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” Isn't that going directly against the whole idea that knowledge is power? If you know, know nothing than how can you teach others?

There are many different interpretations of the above quote. However, I believe it is about understanding and accepting that you don't know everything on a particular subject, which makes you search for more knowledge instead of accepting your answer as final.

Does that make sense?

The gist of it is that there is always more to learn and think that you know everything in any particular subject is pride and not wisdom.

That's why if you think you don't know anything useful you're just projecting Socrates idea. We all know enough to run or at least facilitate a mastermind. And if you truly don't than hustle. You'll be amazed how much you will learn with a will to learn, internet access and a few hours to spare.

Mastermind is not a teaching course, seminar or coaching

Many people confuse a mastermind with a course where you teach people, a seminar or webinar where you stand in front of people and talk, or coaching of others.

No, the mastermind is an exchange of ideas of an individual that is focused on the same cause. That's why you don't have to be the smartest person in the room to run a mastermind group. In fact, you should if you want to learn the most.

So if you ever tried or wanted to create an eBook, course or system because some guru out there told you it's the best thing. This is not it. You don't need to spend months of a course or even an ebook to starting making money.

That's why Knowledge Business Blueprint is so important in today's world

Knowledge Business Blueprint Bonus

Let me help you make the most out of this! We know that Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi are preparing a bunch of bonuses you will love. I mean it's Tony Robbins, the guy who changed so many lives that it's hard to count. However, did they change the most important one? Yours?

Check out Knowledge Business Blueprint for yourself before it closes.


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