Profit Engine Review – Mark Ling’s Latest Course in 2018

Mark Ling's Profit Engine is launching in June and here you will find the latest news about this affiliate marketing system from 3 legendary marketers.

Mark Ling, Gerry Cramer and Rob Jone

If you've done affiliate marketing in the past few years, either with paid or free traffic, you should know at least one of these names, if not all.

While not as ell known as some of the more profilic marketers, these guys are total powerhouses behind the scenes. We're talking 7 figure and 8 figure affiliate businesses and much more.

So naturally, if such top players come out with a course, it will get my attention. Especially how I've learned from all three of them in the past. Mark helped me get started with affiliate marketing, Rob tought me free traffic and Gerry paid.

With nearly 2 months away from official launch, there is not much information about Profit Engine yet. Only thing I managed to find out that it is an affiliate marketing system that will uses paid advertising as traffic. Which was to be expected considering both Gerry and Rob are Facebook specialists.

However, both Rob Jones and Mark Ling is well know for using organic traffic as well. So I'm hoping the course will touch on that as well, or I can always do a bonus myself.

After all, a organic source of traffic does not only get you visitors, leads and sales but also builds up your brand and authority. Which are a key for long term profit businesses. So make sure to check back and see what I cooked up as the ultimate bonus.

With that said, there is still plenty of time for that and as there is more information about the course, I'll update this review.

So stayed tuned for more about Profit Engine in the future.


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