Parallel Profits Review – Local Lead Business Franchise?

Aidan Booth's and Steven Clayton's Parallel Profits promises to make lead generation for local business ?. How do they do it? More importantly how can you be a part of it and profit?

Lead Generation with Parallel Profits

parallel profits reviewThe idea of generating leads for local business is nothing new. In fact, many companies are able to stay in business thanks to leads. After all, a plumber, electrician or small contractors will often not survive in business without leads.

That's why there are so many local lead generating businesses as it really works. Best part? Even they can't dilute the market as there are millions of local business always wanting fresh leads. Don't believe me? Just look on google or yellow pages, and the results are astonishing.

Okay, but what does that have to do with Parallel Profits and you making online profits?

Simple, Aidan and Steven made it simple to generate those leads, find the right customers and perform the service required. They have a whole structure in place to do just that.

So you might be wondering why do they need people like you and me if they have it all figured out.

The truth is they do and they don't. What they are creating is a franchise where you could be a part of it and get the benefits.

Now, of course, it's not all rainbows and sunshine. Being part of a franchise is has it's of drawbacks as well. The biggest one is that you're working on someone else's brand, but that's the case with the affiliate, certain e-commerce and other online venture.

However, unless you have the budget, knowledge and the will to start and build your lead generation brand from scratch, Parallel Profits offer a very good solution.

Especially considering they have systems in place to help you.

  1. Established Brand: people trust in brands and with Steven and Aidan you'll be a part of one of the biggest brands in local leads generation in the world.
  2. Client Acquisition:  one of the biggest things holding people from joining or starting a lead generation business is because of the interaction with people. a is especially true if you might not consider yourself an expert in the field. With PP you don't have to worry about it as they have several client getting methods without face to face or even phone interactions.
  3. Generating Leads:  Once you do get a client what do you do with it? ParallelProfits takes care of it as well so you can relax the clients are in a place.

However, why you?

You see, Aidan and Steven could have done all of it by themselves. I mean they have the team to do it, right?

Yes, but it seems they wanted to franchise like many popular fast food chains. For example, if you wanted to start a McDonald's, you could. All you have to do is get the place, buy the equipment, pay $45,000 franchise fee and pay 8% to 12% of your income.

This way you can still be your own boss and work how and when you want it, but also be a part of something bigger.

I think that's a great solution for both Aidan and Steven, as they get to grow their brands and earn profit, as well as someone liek you where you get everything to start earning money in one place.

Plus, you don't need anything near the price tag of fast food franchise.  Which can cost from $900 to $2.5 million, depending on the size and location.

So I think parallel profits is a good option.

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