INBOXR Review: 2018 Social Media Solution in a Box?

What is Luke Maguire's Inboxr all about? Find out in the review below.

What is INBOXR anyway?

In short it's a interesting solution for online business social media needs, especially Facebook.

Why interesting? Well, it uses chat box and other automation tools to harness the power of social media without having a team of outsourcers.


For example it can:

  • instantly message all your FB fans
  • Build you email list with
  • Drip feed content
  • One click chat box for any business
  • follow ups
  • upsells and conversion increase

Sounds great? Maybe so but for what type of business does it work, and can you start without one.

How to earn money with Inboxr?

Now that's the million dollar question, isn't it?

After playing with it for a while I can say there is no different answer, because there are 10 or more.

You see, I'm a big fan of free traffic and social media, especially facebook, is one of the biggest suppliers of it out there.

However, paid ads are getting expensive and hiring a team to do the social marketing work for you is also out of the question for most people just starting out.

That's why I was excited for Luke Maguire's new system as it seemed a solution that solves the problem. However, I was not expecting what happened next.

You see, at first I thought I'll be getting a solution that need a proper set up. Like hiring a new employee that has no idea how things are done.

To my surprise Inboxr is not like that. In fact, it already comes with chat bots for most of the niches. Which includes eCommerce, funnels, list building, and local.

Okay, okay, but what about making it rain money?

What is crucial for any online business? Traffic.

Visitors from online traffic can be turned into leads, sales, customers, and commissions.

Not only that but you find and stay connected to your prospects through social medial. Which means every visitor counts.

Let's look at examples

I've been testing it on different markets and niches but my two favorite are list building and eCommerce.

 Scenario 1: Affiliate commissions

One of the quickest and least stressful ways to get started online is with affiliate marketing.

Which basically means you will be promoting other people's products for either fixed commission, a percentage of a sale, or monthly payments.

Which ever it is the bottom line is that you can earn without having a product, being and expert or even knowing marketing.

All you have to do is pick an offer, like woodworking bluperints, and connect it with people that enjoy woodworking. Simple as that, right?

Almost, while you wont be sending out offers directly you can always advertise your Fan Page or better yet, capture their email and than send them the offer.

This way, you're not only have a potential sale but you also captured their email with one click when using Inboxr. Not only that, but that will be their Facebook email, a real one they use often.

That's why I like list building with this thing and it work in all niches.

Scenario 2: eCommerce

This one is a fun one as you get to build your email, get brand awareness and make sales.

One of the main reasons why almost every eCommerce course uses Facebook (mostly ads) as their traffic source in not a a coincidence.

Facebook is perfect for this because of their targeting mechanism. You can find your potential customers in flash.

For example, you have store all things related to cats? Target cat lovers and owners.

Maybe a store about crafts? Target parents of your children, school teachers, or anyone that has a hobby related to crafts.

As you can see possibilities are endless and Luke Maguire's system lets you take advantage of that without spending a dime on on ads.

Scenario 3: Local?

Now while I'm not doing local marketing yet, it's on my to do list, there is a lot of money to be made in this market and it's wide open.

The amount of local or small business that don't have online presence is staggering.

In fact, I figure out a way to find these business in matter of minutes no matter where you live.  However, I can't reveal it in the review as it would get oversaturated quicky.

However, I'll offer it as one of the bonuses if you want.

If you don't have a eCommerce store, or don't want one and don't care about affiliate marketing or list building that much you should really look into this one.

According to social media manager get's paid around $54,000 per year. So I don't see why we can't charger a $1,000 per month to do it.

If you get 10 clients for $1,000 that's $10k per month and $120k per year.  Not bad.

Inboxr Bonus: More business and traffic ideas.

So you will already getting my strategy to get businesses that don't have a social media presence in minutes.

How about more ways to earn with this? Maybe some innovative ways that you will not find anywhere else?

That's right its all included in my bonus.

So what are you waiting for? Get Inboxr now.

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